Dog boarding 

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  • Does your dog tackle you with cooped-up energy when you get home? 
  • Can't bear the thought of coming home to another pet 
    made mess? 
  • Would you feel more comfortable at work knowing your dog is getting that much needed attention,potty break and energy burning exercise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a dog walker!

Hi if you are looking at this page, then you have taken the first step in lending your dog a paw when you can't be there.

We are here to take the worry out of your day so you can focus on your work or your daily activities knowing your pup is in good hands and getting the much needed attention/potty break and exercise he or she needs.

Group and individual walks are available. If there is a dog park within walking distance and your pup is comfortable in this setting, we will most certainly spend part of our time there.  Every one of our walks comes with a note, email or text describing our adventure that day.


For Brooklyn Dog walking & Boarding

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