Frequently Asked Questions 


How often should I groom my pet?
Grooming your pets is part of keeping them happy and healthy. Depending on breed, age, coat, and some health conditions, pets should be groomed regularly every four to six weeks. I will be happy to discuss an appropriate schedule that is right for your pet!

Will you contact me if any accidents happen during grooming?
Absolutely!!  I will also contact my local vet if it is a serious problem.   I also remind customers to fully inspect their dog for any Knicks or cuts before leaving my facility.  I am not responsible for your dog once you leave my facilt.  

Do you accept checks? 

Sorry no checks nor e-checks accepted. Only cash, PayPal and all major credit cards


How do I make a grooming appointment for my pet?
For reservations please look on the top menu,  click on the "Home"  tab and then click on the link I provided(  On the calendar it will show you available dates and times. Click on the service you will like, availability and place all information then click confirm. (Very simple process)  You can also call me at 646-431-8043.   "APPOINTMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, REROUTING CUSTOMERS BYE ADDRESS ETC".......  (You will be informed immediately)

Can I wait at your location while my pet is being groomed?

 Unfortunetly not, dog tend to be more active when the owners are around. This is for there own safety! 

Does my pet need vaccines before grooming. 

Yes!  All pets must be vaccinated for the saferty of all pets and staff.  You always want to make sure you are bringing your pet to a place where they require up to date vaccines.  This ensures your pet from catching any illnesses or even worse rabies!

What is your cancellation policy for grooming reservations?

 If you book your appointment through the link I provided on my home page, you will get an email confirmation. Refer to that email and at the bottom of that email you can click on cancel appointment.  Please call or text is fine.  Please do so 24-48hrs in advance.  

(There is a $30  last minute cancellation fee on your next appointment) Keep in mind I work by appointment only, and when a customer does not call or show I end up loosing out. So please be curteous and call me 24 to 48 hrs in advance to cancel your appointment. This will give me time to book an appointment with someone else.  

Any customers with a history of a no call now show will be blocked


What time should I drop off and pick up my pet for grooming?
  Grooming appointments should arrive preferrably 5-10 min before the scheduled appointment. I will inform you what time to pick up your loved one, depending on how many pooches I have already.

Do you groom cats?
No, a cat groomer will be hired very soon

How long is the  grooming process?
Depending on your pets condition and temperment and if customers arrive a little late, anywhere from 60-120 minutes.  I normally text/call the customer 15-20 before I'm done grooming.  This will allow time for the customer to arrive and the pet will not sit around and wait:)

Are you available for grooming on your days off?

During busy season, it's pretty difficult for me to say yes to a customer when they need last minute grooming. But if I can do so the minimum charge will be $100. That's not including if you pick up your pooch late, or matting fees. (Price is pretty much doubled on days off)

Can I make an appointment online anytime?

 Yes you can, but keep in mind if you make an appointment for the same day, I suggest you call or text to confirm.  I normally receive text automatically when an appointment is made, but if the appointment is made a couple of hours of your appointment call to be on the safe side:)

Is there an age cap where you don't groom dogs?

Yes..  the age cap is 12 years. 13 and over unfortunately I can not groom.  


 Do you keep a clean facility?
Absolutely,  y facility must be kept clean for eveyones safety. I clean and sanatize every night with the help of an affordable cleaning crew of two. 

Are your tools kept clean?
MOST DEFINITELY!....I have  my pet hygene certificate. Meaning I know how to properly
keep my tools clean, and do so EVERY DAY:). So your loved one is protected from infections.

(Most grooming salons do not know how to properly clean their
tools or don't clean them as often as they should). So please be careful with the groomers you choose.  Your baby is counting on you to make the right decision for them:)

HOW LONG CAN I KEEP MY DOG THERE AFTER HE/SHE IS FINSHED WITH GROOMIMG?                                                                                                                           You have a one hour grace period after your dog is ready for pick up.  After one hour you will be charged an additional $10