Raffle Time!!

July 6 5pm free grooming packages will be drawn live on Instagram @Grooming4less
Congrats to Erika!! You won a free full grooming pac

Starting Every Fridays at 3pm sharp! (Starting 4/23/21) I will have live raffles on full grooming packages and much more prizes, on my Instagram account.  You will have multiple chances to win! Below are the rules......

  1. There must be a minimum of 15 participant to enter and a minimum of $80 in the pool! (Either or)  To make the chances of winning greater only a max of 30 participants to enter
  2. You can purchase a max of 5 entries.  Each entry is consider a participant 
  3. Only Venmo and cash app will be accepted for the time being.  I will have my links for both Venmo and Cashapp below.  Both are safe and secure so please download the apps if you haven’t already.   ( Venmo is below to the left and Cashapp is to the right)
  4. To All winners must DM me on Instagram and message me your full name, cell number and date of the appointment you will like. 
  5. You must call 24hrs in advance to cancel or reschedule!!! Or you lost your slot!! You will get your entry money back.  
  6. If you are new to the Grooming4less family, I need to know A. The breed of the dog.  B. How old is she/he.  C. Has she/he ever was groomed before. D. Is she or he up to date with all vaccines.   Sorry no large dogs for the time being.  

These raffles will help give back to the community and organizations such as Animal rescues, cancer organizations and so many more!!!   All this can be viewed on my Instagram account where giving back is an incredible feeling!!!